Australian Intercultural Services Pty. Ltd. is an Australian proprietary limited company registered with the Australian Securities Commission with over 10 years of continuous operation. The company predominantly operates under two major registered trading names - AIS Education Centre and Aviation Study Centre.

Australian Business Number (ABN): 41 082 463 689
Australian Company Number (ACN): 082 463 689
AIS Education Centre (BN): 19063015
Aviation Study Centre (BN): 19735406

AIS Education Centre is well known and highly regarded in the Australian international education industry. The company has a significant world-wide network and has been engaged by Australian and international institutions including major Australian universities such as University of Queensland, Monash University and University of New South Wales to carry out a range of education related services.

Aviation Study Centre is a division dedicated to the highly specialised area of aviation training. Founded via a joint project with Aviation Australia, the Aviation Study Centre provides international student admissions services, education agent management, international recruitment strategy, website optimisation and commercial photography to Australia's leading aviation institutions. For more information, visit the Aviation Study Centre website.

Here are some of our main service activities.

Services For Students

  • Course and institution counselling
  • Academic exchanges
  • Applications and admissions
  • Student support service
  • Accommodation and transfers

Services For Non-Australian Institutions

  • Teacher recruitment
  • Study tours
  • Inter-institutional programmes and MoUs
  • Student support services
  • Education research

Services For Australian Institutions

  • Education export consulting
  • Education marketing and multimedia services
  • SEO / lead generation / website management
  • Strategic planning
  • Agent Management
  • Student enquiry management
  • EMDG consultation
  • Market testing

International Marketing

Director, Jonathan Hoole, with a unique combination of extensive international education experience, Bachelor of Photography and Grad Cert Marketing provides exceptional brand and marketing strategy solutions. International Marketing Director, Mr Graham Wilson has considerable experience as Consul General and Senior Trade Commissioner for the Department of Foreign Affairs in Japan, one of Australia's largest export markets. Graham's experience is available to our institutional partners and includes a wealth of strategic and market specific knowledge as well as a broad network of business and government contacts. 

Office Locations

Our Head Office has been located in Brisbane for over 15 years with branches in Ashgrove, Brisbane Technology Park and Archerfield Airport where it is integrated with Aviation Study Centre. Our Kerala office is located in Thiruvananthapuram. Please go to the Office Location page for contact details and maps.


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