Australian Intercultural Services Pty. Ltd. is an Australian proprietary limited company registered with the Australian Securities Commission since 1998.

AIS Education Centre Business Number (BN): 19063015
Australian Business Number (ABN): 41 082 463 689
Australian Company Number (ACN): 082 463 689

The company has a significant world-wide network and is engaged by major Australian and international institutions and governments to carry out a range of education related services. We also provide services for businesses and investors.

International Marketing and Investments
International Marketing Director, Mr Graham Wilson has considerable experience as Senior Trade Commissioner for the Department of Foreign Affairs in Japan, one of Australia's largest export markets. Graham's experience is available to our institutional partners and includes a wealth of strategic and market specific knowledge as well as a broad network of business and government contacts. We are able to seek in-market opportunities and Australian investments for our overseas clients.

Outsource Services
AIS an be engaged on an outsource basis to undertake a range of logistical services related to international student handling. Please contact us if you would like further information regarding any of these potential outsource services:
- Enquiry Management
- Homestay Placement
- On-shore support services
- Assistance with child-parent cases
- Childcare / schooling for international student parents
- Apartment leasing arrangements

Translation & Interpretation
AIS employs or is affiliated with speakers of over 10 different languages. Please contact us if you require our assistance or advice in relation to translation of marketing materials or interpreting jobs. If NAATI accreditation is required, we can arrange for our affiliated NAATI translators to proof and sign off.

Art and Design
AIS has the resources to complete almost any art and design project quickly and cheaply to a high professional standard. This includes work in foreign langages. Please ask our staff for a quote.